African Intellectual Mobilities – Colloquium Programme

PROGRAMME #AfriMobilities

Sponsored by Routledge

African Intellectual Mobilities: Diasporic Travel and Texts, Past and Present

Saturday 7 February 2015, 9:00am–5:30; The Treehouse, Humanities Research Centre, University of York

 9:00am               Registration and coffee

9:30am               Introduction and welcome, David Attwell, University of York

KEYNOTE: ‘Look, Here, Upon This Picture, and on This’: Black Travellers and Victorian Print Culture

Alasdair Pettinger, Independent Scholar; Respondent: Tim Youngs

10:30am            Panel A: The Diaspora Travels, the Diaspora Writes

Snapshots of a Community: Germany’s Black Diaspora through the Eyes of African-American Reporters, 1927-1933

Robbie Aitken, Sheffield Hallam University

A Guerrilla Guidebook: Lubaina Himid’s Glossy Guide to an Alternative London and Paris

Alan Rice, University of Central Lancashire

Extra Meaning on the Highway: Eddy L Harris’s South of Haunted Dreams and the African American Motorcycle Narrative

Tim Youngs, Nottingham Trent University

12:00pm           Lunch

13:00pm           Panel B. Writing Travel in and beyond Africa

Shifting Contours: Travel in the Life and Writings of the Reverend Tiyo Soga

Jo Davis, Independent Researcher

‘We need new critical paradigms’: Reflections on researching a literary history of Yoruba travel writing

Rebecca Jones, University of Birmingham

Carnets de Voyage: Congolese Travel Writing on the Eve of Independence

Yvonne Reddick, University of Central Lancashire

2:30-2:45pm Coffee

2:45pm              Panel C. African–European Mobilities

Travelling in/across Languages: The Cases of Neville Alexander and Nelson Saúte

Stefan Helgesson, Stockholm University

Travelling to Learn, Encountering Desire – Entanglements in African Intellectual Mobility

Sanja Nivesjo, Stockholm University

Peter Abrahams’ Return to Goli: An Exile Writes Back (to London)

Andrea Thorpe, Queen Mary University

4:15pm              KEYNOTE: Reading and Interview with Noo Saro-Wiwa (and Wine Reception)

Nicklas Hållén, Linnaeus University, Sweden; Janet Remmington, University of York 

5:30pm              Closing Remarks, End

To register, visit:

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