YASN Culture and Politics in Africa Workshop Provisional Programme


9:45     Morning tea/coffee


Culture and Politics in Repressive Societies


10:00   Allison Drew –  Welcome & introducing Jack Mapanje

10:15   Jack Mapanje – Readings, Questions & Answers

11:15   Michael Chasukwa – ‘Malawi’s Contemporary Politics since Multiparty Democracy’

11:35   Claire Westall –  ‘Teaching Prison Writing’

11:55   Discussion


12:15   Lunch


South African Exceptionalism? 


1:00     David Attwell – ‘J.M. Coetzee and African Studies: 1968 to 1986’

1:20     Thando Njovane – ‘Black Bodies in Contemporary South African Fiction and the Disruption of the Reconciliation Narrative’

1:40     Margie Orford – ‘Crime, Violence and Democracy in post-1994 South Africa’

2:00     Arthur Rose – ‘Radical Pedagogy in #RhodesMustFall; or, how to go from holding your breath to ‘combat breathing’

2:20     Discussion


2:45     Afternoon tea/coffee


Patterns and Variations Across Africa


3:00     Alice Olsson – ‘Political Agency and Freedom of Expression in Egyptian Revolution Literature (post-2011)’

3:20     Samuel Durrant – ‘Life beyond Sovereignty: Chris Abani’s Song for Night

3:40     Frances Hemsley – ‘Non-mourning and Eco-critical Ethics in Véronique Tadjo’s The Shadow of Imana: Travels in the Heart of Rwanda’

4:00     Discussion

4:20     Allison Drew: Thanks and concluding remarks


*With special thanks to the University of York International Relations Office and the Departments of English and Politics.*

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